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Audacity directed by Samare Gozal

Zdena, Hazem, Saleh and Aneta discussing the tree. Still from ‘Audacity’ directed by Samare Gozal.

Why does this tree grow so much? Because it can.

Trees improve air quality in cities and make urban spaces more inhabitable. But trees are
often boxed in and surrounded by asphalt, as their primary purpose in cities is to cater to
human needs. Most trees do not interfere with pavements and the asphalt. Many
pedestrians and drivers pass trees without even paying them much notice.

The audacious tree. Still from ‘Audacity’ directed by Samare Gozal

The bricks have been put around for the tree to have a nice frame I think. Then the tree said that it doesn’t want to grow there It wants to grow everywhere. 

One tree, however, has defied all rules. It has two twin stems that grow boldly out of the
ground with branches stretching far and wide. Its leaves blow in the wind as children play
close to it and as grandmothers walk their dogs over the strong roots that have challenged
the pavement as much as any tree could. A few friends get together to debate the origins
of this remarkable tree. They debate whether the city planners built the road around the
tree or whether it indeed just grew right out of the asphalt – and, if so, then how could it
possibly be allowed to grow so freely?

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