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Issue 1: Overgrown

From North America to Africa via Europe and Asia, from small towns to large cities – delve into issue 1 of Stonecrop Review and explore urban nature though words, art and photography. In this issue we have a special focus on overgrown spaces, including urban rivers, gardens and wastelands.

Issue 2: Roots/Routes

From Canada to Uruguay, and from the Czech Republic to Bengaluru, Issue 2 explores nature in the city through art, photography, video, and words. This issue has a special focus on the theme ‘roots/routes’ and explores urban trees, the routes we make through the city, and sidewalks cracked by tree roots.

Issue 3: Sky

Whether it’s light pollution, the weather, or bird flight, sky is a central part of urban nature. Ranging from Chicago cityscapes to Uruguayan skies at dusk, Issue 3 looks upwards to explore everything from the drifting shape of clouds to air quality to hope found in night skies.

Issue 4: Fauna

From foxes to cougars, and from crows to hawks—Issue 4 brings you writing, art and photography that explores the animals we share our cities with. Dive in and read about a pet dog in Lagos, India’s street animals, and a fictional moose on the loose. 

Issue 5: Flora

From weeds pushing their way up through cracks in the pavement to wildflowers planted along roadsides, from potted plants on your balcony to trees providing shade in the park—Issue 5 brings you writing, art and photography that explores frozen kumquats, cottonwoods crawling under fences, and the flavor of balcony-grown lemongrass chai.